Biography Of Wasim Sajjad

Our today topic is on biography Of Wasim Sajjad.Wasim Sajjad born on March 30 , 1941 in Jalandhar , is a Pakistani statesman . He served as the Senate’s most senior president , serving for eleven years, and twice serving as the country’s interim president.Wasim Sajjad

A lawyer by training, he became a senator in 1985 and hold office until 1999. He was elected four times president of the Senate , he held the office December 24 , 1988 the October 12 , 1999, and has been twice interim president. It was the first time on July 18 in November 14 , 1993, and the second time December 2 , 1997 the 1 st January 1998.

Biography Of Wasim Sajjad

Youth and Education

Wasim Sajjad was born on March 30 , 1941in Jalandhar , then located in British India , and today in the Indian state of Punjab . His father, Sajjad Ahmad Jan, was a judge. He then studied at Punjab University and obtained his first degree in 1961 , followed by a master’s degree in political science in 1964 . He also received during his years of study sports awards and for his performances of speaker.Wasim Sajjad

Sajjad went on to study in the United Kingdom , graduated from Oxford University in civil law and administrative law, and then trained as a barrister at the Inner Temple . At Oxford, he participates and presides student associations and Muslim Pakistan.

Back in Pakistan , he pursued his legal career as a lawyer, notably in the High Courts and at the Supreme Court . One of his favorite subjects being constitutional law, he is involved in cases related to the constitutionality of martial law.

Biography Of Wasim Sajjad

Political career

Wasim Sajjad began his political career in 1985 when he became a senator , occupying as a lawyer a seat reserved for technocrats, elected under the label of the Muslim League of Pakistan for a six-year term. During the tenure of Prime Minister Muhammad Khan Junejo , Wasim Sajjadhe was Minister of Justice from 1986 to 1988 and briefly Minister of the Interior in 1987 . He later said that the president of the Supreme Court had been offered by President Zia at that time, but he refused.

Wasim Sajjad is elected President of the Senate on December 24 , 1988, then in 1991 he is re-elected senator for a principal of three years. In this capacity, he took over the presidency after the resignation of Ghulam Ishaq Khan for nearly four months in 1993 , and ran for president. Reaching the second round, he lost to Farooq Leghari of the Pakistan People’s Party by 168 votes of the electoral college against 274.

Biography Of Wasim Sajjad

In March 1994, Wasim Sajjad was re-elected Senator and then Senate Speaker again, as well as in March 1997. In December 1997, he became Acting President of the Republic following the resignation of Farooq Leghari . Sajjad is leaving his post because of the coup d’etat , and will have been the Senate President with the greatest longevity, almost eleven years.Wasim Sajjad

In 2002 , he joined the Muslim League of Pakistan (Q) supporting President Pervez Musharraf and was again elected senator in 2003 under this new label, and then led his party’s group in the upper house. He was again elected in 2006 for a term of six years. In 2012, at age 71, he does not represent .

Wasim Sajjad is known for his moderation as well as his capacity as conciliator between the different political parties.


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