Biography Of Iskander Mirza

Our today topic is biography of Iskander Mirza. We will share the biography of Iskander Mirza. Iskander Mirza was the first president of Pakistan. Sahibzada Sayyid Iskander Ali Mirza  more often than not simply called Iskander Mirza , born on December 14 , 1898 in Murshidabad British India and died November 12 , 1969 in London ( United Kingdom , is a Pakistani statesman , President of the Republic from 1956 to 1958 .Iskander Mirza

Iskander Mirza is a historically important politician. He was successively Governor of East Bengal from 1950 to 1953 , then Minister of the Interior from 1954 to 1955 , then Governor General until March 23 , 1956. At this date, he becomes the first President of the Republic of Pakistan . He loses his job on October 27 , 1958 following the military coup of Muhammad Ayub Khan .

Biography Of Iskander Mirza

Iskander Mirza began his military career in 1920 and during Pakistan’s independence in 1947 he became defense secretary in the Liaquat Ali Khan government .

Youth and family
He is the son of Sahibzada Sayyid Fateh Ali Mirza ( 1874 – 1949 ), who comes from a noble family. His first wife was Dishad Begum ( 1879 – 1924 ).

Born during the period of British India in Murshidabad , city of Bengal still located in India today. His family was particularly influential in Bengal . It had links with the British Monarchy .Iskander Mirza

Military career and study
Iskander Mirza joined the army and studied at the Sandhurst Royal Military Academy in the United Kingdom . He then studied at the University of Bombay ( Elphinstone College ).

In 1920 , he joined the Army of British India . He was attached to the North West Frontier Province and participated in military operations in Waziristan against tribal revolts. He later became a District Officer in 1931 and a Political Officer in 1938 .

In 1946 , shortly before the independence of India , he became secretary of defense. He then participated in the organization of the division of the British army in the Indian and Pakistani armies. He chose to stay in Pakistan , formed in 1947 , and he was appointed the same year defense secretary in the government of Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan .Iskander Mirza

Secretary of Defense and Governor General of Pakistan
After the creation of Pakistan, Mirza was appointed Secretary of Defense of the new nation. In 1954, he was appointed Governor of East Pakistan with the intention of bringing order to the region. As a result of this appointment, Muhammad Ali Bogra asked him to participate in his government occupies the post of Minister of the Interior. In 1955, he became Governor General of Pakistan, to be a strong advocate of the politics of separation between state and religion.



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