Biography Of Ghulam Ishaq Khan

Ghulam Ishaq Khan , known by the abbreviation GIK (born on January 20 , 1915, in Ismailkhel , Bannu district , in the part of India that would become Pakistan after independence – died on October 27 , 2006in Peshawar , Pakistan ) was a Pakistani statesman , who served as Finance Minister from 1977 to 1985 , President of the Senate from 1985 to 1988 , and President of Pakistan from 1988 to 1993 .Ghulam Ishaq Khan

Pakistani politician. He was Governor of the State Bank (1971-1975), Secretary of State for Planning (1977-1978), Minister of Finance (1978-1985) and President of the Senate (1985-1988). He became president of the country after the death of M. Zia Ul-Haq in an attack (1988). He entrusted the formation of Benazir Bhutto, winner of the 1988 elections, but, in collusion with the army, he dismissed her in 1990 accusing her of embezzlement and called new elections that were won by N. Sharif. The confrontations between the two politicians culminated in July 1993 with the joint resignation. Ghulam Ishaq Khan was replaced by Chodri Suyat.Ghulam Ishaq Khan

Biography Of Ghulam Ishaq Khan

Ghulam Ishaq Khan was born on January 20 , 1915in Ismailkhel , Bannu District , Pakistan ‘s Northwest Frontier Province, in a Pashtun ethnic family . He studied chemistry , and until independence, devoted himself to irrigation work in western Pakistan.

After independence, Khan joined the Ministry of Finance, where he held various positions, before becoming Finance Minister.Ghulam Ishaq Khan

In the 1985 elections , he won a seat in the Senate, and was later elected Speaker of the Pakistan Senate. Immediately after the death of General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq in 1988 , Khan became, in accordance with the Pakistani Constitution , Acting President ( August 17 , 1988). He was then formally elected to this position in December of the same year. He kept this function until June 18 , 1993.

The October 27 , 2006, the former Pakistani president dies of pneumonia at the age of 91.


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