Biography Of Allama Iqbal

Our today topic is biography of Allama Iqbal.We will share the biography of Allama Iqbal.Allama Iqbal was born in sialkot Punjab on 9 November 1877 and died on 21 April 1938.Sir Muhammad Iqbal was a poet and philosopher.Allama Iqbal Allama Iqbal is considered one of the most influential Muslim poets of the twentieth century. He was also seen as the spiritual father of Pakistan.When on April 21, 1938, Iqbal died with a smile on his face, he left this quatrain became famous: “When I leave this world, Everyone will say” I knew him. But the truth is, alas! That no one knew who this stranger was or where he came from. “.

Nicknamed the poet of the East (Shair-i-Mashriq) and today venerated and studied everywhere in Pakistan and throughout the world, especially in the Muslim world, awakening sleeping consciousnesses, rallying dispersed ardor, he “rebuilt” religious thought in a creative and happy dynamic perspective. His poetic work, composed in Urdu and Persian, is filled with the exaltation of the past glories of Islam, reactions against the soporific conservatism of the ruling classes and especially against the negative and mystical doctrines that, according to him, in the Vedanta and Christianity, brought India to the gates of humiliation.

Biography Of Allama Iqbal

His masterpiece is undoubtedly Rebuilding the religious thought of Islam. Allama IqbalThis masterful book is not a theological book as the title might suggest.For Iqbal, the main goal of the Quran is “to awaken in man a higher awareness of his manifold relationships with God and the universe. He confirms the man in the role he has to play, “that of cooperating with God to help humanity on the move”. This program will find echoes in Muslim youth for whom “Iqbal came among her as a messiah resurrecting the dead. ”

The poet had announced himself: “I came into the world as a new sun. This original philosophy finds its source in the quran and the example of the Prophet Muhammad. Allama IqbalIt insists on the idea that man can flourish only in a climate of freedom, because slavery prevents any possibility of creation. She calls the man to find the right balance between his spiritual life and his temporal life. Comprehensive code for man, precious guide in all areas of life, political, economic, social and cultural, the Koran is nonetheless a reminder to man that he is also mortal.Allama Iqbal


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